commercial sheet vinyl flooring
Perfect for spaces that see a lot of moisture

Beautiful Yet Practical Vinyl Flooring

Think vinyl flooring was left behind decades ago? Think again. The vinyl flooring of years past has been updated to a stylish and practical solution. Intex Flooring can show you beautiful flooring options that will enhance the look of your commercial building.

Technology has improved the look of today's vinyl flooring, offering finishes that are visually appealing with realistic textures. Using embossing to capture the image of many materials, vinyl can mimic flooring like stone or wood. It lasts for years and is easier to clean since it has no grout and no seams when installed properly by experts like the team at Intex Flooring.

Sheet vinyl is versatile and can be installed in almost any room. In addition, it is softer than other hard flooring choices, making it comfortable to stand on. The layered construction provides stability, cushioning, and protection. With all of these features, sheet vinyl is a smart choice for many companies.

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Vinyl flooring offers an affordable and durable solution for commercial spaces. See the updated beauty of vinyl with Intex Flooring.

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